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Body, Soul: Tai chi and bird-watching in Kunming

Kunming offers varied ways to pump up your health and wellness quotient

Soul: Bird-watching in the wetlands

China, Yunnan Province, Kunming, Green Lake Park, People feeding the gulls
Walter Bibikow / Photolibrary RM / Getty Images

While bird-watching isn’t a very common activity in China, opportunities are abundant across the country. December is the perfect time to head outside and watch the black-headed gulls that migrate annually through Kunming’s wetlands of Green Lake Park and Dianchi Lake. They swoop in for photogenic water landings to refuel and rehydrate, offering a remarkable nature experience in the middle of the city.

Body: Tai chi and kung fu

William Ng, Tai Chi master Kunming
Corbis Documentary/Getty Images

A mix of martial arts and breathing techniques, tai chi hones coordination, balance, strength and mental clarity, and it’s a workout you can practice for life. Beginners can try a 90-minute class at the Yunnan Sha Guozheng Martial Arts and Tai Chi School. Founded by the late grand master Sha Guozheng, the school is now headed by his son and also teaches other kungfu styles such as bagua and sanda.

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