6 Reasons to Visit Bangkok

An amazing ice cream alternative, night markets and linguistic flourishes - the Thai capital is abuzz with visit-worthy features



Gaggan is officially Asia’s best restaurant, and now its former sous chef Garima Arora has opened up across the street – with Gaggan Anand’s blessing. Taking up a row of old shophouses, Gaa cooks up Thai- and Indian-inspired food.

Thong Lor

Bangkok’s cool kids and hi-so – ‘high society’ – flock to the neighbourhood of Thong Lor for its trendsetting restaurants, glossy bars and art spaces.


Thailand, Bangkok, High angle view of traffic jam
Credit: Chairat/RooM RF/Getty Images

Otherwise known as Bangkok’s taxis: hopping on the back of one is how you dodge the city’s notorious traffic. They’re a necessity rather than a choice – just don’t expect to be given a helmet.

Soft serve

Ice cream’s sexier cousin. The Thai tea flavour, available at longstanding tea shop Cha Tra Mue, remains a top pick – but don’t miss the salted caramel and charcoal yoghurt flavours.


Land of Smiles, Krap and Ka

In the so-called Land of Smiles, krap and ka (for men and women respectively) are used at the end of sentences to denote respect. You’ll also hear them used sarcastically – as well as in restaurants at the end of English phrases.

Siam Gypsy Market

Siam Gypsy Junction
June Watsamon Tri-yasakda

Skip the touristy night markets and head to Siam Gypsy Market, a popular local shopping destination. Here you’ll find everything from leather jackets and sunglasses to vintage furniture and 1990s game consoles.

Cathay Pacific flies to Bangkok from Hong Kong 60 times a week

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