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Body, Soul: Meditation and yoga in New Delhi

Where to calm your mind and stretch your muscles in Delhi

Soul: Good karma

Body and Soul, Delhi
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Make an urban pilgrimage to the Sikh place of worship Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. This stunning ex-palace is renowned for its sacred well, beautiful sarovar (pool) and golden dome. Arrive early in the morning for some soul-stirring kirtan (hymn-singing) or visit any time for peaceful prayer or meditation. Stay for one of the twice-daily, free vegetarian meals prepared by volunteers, or even volunteer yourself as a way to build good karma.

Body: In the land of yoga

Body and Soul, Delhi

When you’re in India, yoga is the perfect way to work some of the long-haul creaks out of your body. The Yoga Chakra is one of Delhi’s most loved contemporary studios, founded by instructors Manisha and Kavita. To re-energise, their vinyasa classes synchronise flowing poses and breathing exercises, while for relaxation their gentler yoga sessions stretch the body and calm the mind. Is your back a bit tight from too much sitting? Ease into an inversion during an aerial class and feel your back breathe a sigh of relief.

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