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Photos That Reframe Hong Kong

A recent campaign inspired thousands of Hongkongers to capture images that go beyond the clichés

Hong Kong Tourism Board called on locals to reveal a hidden side to their city in its Reframing Hong Kong campaign. The goal was to draw travellers’ attention to the breadth of unique experiences available in Hong Kong and richness of everyday life, all through a local lens.

From more than 15,000 entries, 10 winning photos were selected by the public, director Andrew Lau and HKTB. The results include moments of traditional celebration, such as the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, and a charming waterway far removed from Victoria Harbour. One image zooms in on a market stall; another zooms out for a big-picture panorama.

We’ve featured six of the winners below. The full collection of images and e-postcards are available online, with printed postcards available at HKTB visitor centres.

Pictured above: ‘Tai O is known as the “Venice of Hong Kong.” [With] the high-rise houses on the water and the friendly local fisherman, it is a place where you can experience the leisurely life that cities fail to offer.’ Photo by 許俊偉

Reframing Hong Kong, photography
Sze Wang

‘The Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree is located at Fong Ma Po Village in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, New Territories. The two large trees have long been regarded as a deity by locals. After the Chinese New Year worship at Tin Hau Temple every year, the villagers light up incense or joss papers at the root of the tree to wish for good luck. After that, the villagers will write the name, date of birth and wishes on the placard and toss it up onto the Wishing Tree together with the lucky charms.’ Photo by Sze Wang


‘Hong Kong [at its] highest.’ Photo by @9bphos__

Reframing Hong Kong, photography
Ho Yiu Kei

‘The street market in Wan Chai is a memory left by the old Hong Kong – a testimony and a reminder. It witnesses the changes and progress of Hong Kong and reminds us not to lose the friendliness and warmth between people.’ Photo by Ho Yiu Kei

Reframing Hong Kong, photography
Tse Ka Po

‘The new building and the old mansion work well together; both co-exist in complete harmony which you can find everywhere in Hong Kong.’ Photo by Tse Ka Po

Reframing Hong Kong, photography

‘During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the fire dragon will depart from the Tai Hang Lotus Palace and move back and forth through the streets. In the 19th century, the people of Tai Hang began performing a dragon dance to stop a run of back luck afflicting their village. It has become [an example of the] unique cultural heritage of Hong Kong.’ Photo by 黃志強

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