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An industrial revival: Jinpu New Area

Rapid growth around Dalian is turning the area into a commercial hub and popular tourist site

The Jinpu New Area in China’s northeastern city of Dalian is a fast growing industrial hub that was established by the government in 2014. It sprawls over more than 2,000 square kilometres.

Last year, the government launched the Dalian Free Trade Zone there to help revitalise the country’s rust belt – that is, the once heavily industrialised provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. Liaoning, where Dalian is located, fell into a recession last year. But the area is looking for a turnaround, especially through new industries residing in Jinpu New Area, including automobile production, bonded logistics and equipment manufacturing.

There are about 20,000 businesses now operating in the area, according to the government, some of which are international, such as Volkswagen, which has a large factory as part of a joint venture with a Chinese manufacturer. Other global companies including Pfizer, Canon and Hyundai have joint ventures with Chinese companies and operate factories there.

As part of the effort to revive Dalian’s economy, the government is making it easier to set up shop in the area: the approval time for new companies has been reduced from 10 business days to just one.

Because of the Jinpu New Area’s proximity to Japan and South Korea, the government has set up a port there with hopes that it will eventually flourish as a trade and logistics centre. There are also specialised port terminals for receiving ore, oil, grain and containers.

Dalian Port

This port is one of China’s largest. Seventy percent of container ships going through northeastern China pass through Dalian.

China's first homemade aircraft carrier Type 001A ready to enter the water
Bei piao / Imaginechina / AFP

Golden Pebble Beach National Resort

This tourist area includes a beach stretching four kilometres, large rock formations along the coastline and a golf club.

Jinzhou Dalian Golden Pebble Beach
Originoo Image Technologies Co. Limited / Alamy Stock Photo / Argusphoto

Digital and DNA Park

Known as DD Port, this commercial park is a dedicated zone for the city’s high-tech industries.

125-0223.jpgcredit: Quanjing

Cross-Border E-Commerce comprehensive experimental zone

Supporting the city’s port activities, this bonded facility is mainly used for displaying and selling tax-free imports and promoting the e-commerce industry.

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