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Why Apex Property Founders See Niseko’s Potential as a Year-Round Destination

Niseko is a booming sector for holidaymakers – and the next big destination for all seasons, according to Hong Kong entrepreneurs Sylvia Tang and Vicky Lam

You’ve just announced a new project, the Hanacreek property development in Niseko. What’s special about it?

Sylvia Tang: We first came to Niseko 12 years ago and we love it for the snow, the nature and the food. What drew us to this particular site was its natural beauty. Hanacreek has a natural hot spring, Mount Yotei views and a creek, so properties have waterfront access. Just having these three elements is unique, the first of its kind to be offered within Niseko.

Vicky Lam: Hanazono’s very convenient, but at the same time, it’s less skied-out than Hirafu. There’s a lot of room to do your own thing.

Niseko is best known as a winter destination, but what about the other seasons?

Lam: More and more Japanese and Asian travellers are coming here during the summer – there’s golfing, fishing and outdoor activities.

Tang: After infrastructure like ziplining and tree-trekking becomes ready, Niseko is going to be the next big holiday destination for all seasons.

Credit: Courtesy of Apex Property

What’s it like being a women-led development company with Apex Property in a male-dominated industry?

Lam: I think female entrepreneurs tend to be more sensitive to the environment and others’ needs. But in the end, I don’t think gender matters too much.

Tang: We have a team of smart men and women who bring many great ideas to the table. For me, the skillsets that you have are the most important thing.

What trends do you see for luxury travel coming up?

Tang: It’s not only nature that people are looking for any more. People want design and architecture beyond the norm, and there’s also an increasing appetite for luxury services. At our second Apex Property project, Hanaridge, we’ll be the first in Niseko to offer a dedicated butler, a private car and a private chef.

What are your favourite getaway destinations?

Tang: I like to ski and I love food and wine, so all my holiday destinations are places where you can have great experiences with those things. I go to Spain and Italy for food, France for wine. I guess in the end, all of those elements are also in Niseko, which is why I’m drawn to it – the good food, good wine and snow.

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