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Etiquette tips for doing business in Malaysia

The proper ways of greeting, meeting and more

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Men should always wear conservative, dark suits with long-sleeved shirts and ties. Women should dress conservatively, wearing either trouser suits or below-the-knee skirts. Head coverings are not expected, but may be appreciated.

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Malaysia is a Muslim nation; touching between genders can be inappropriate. To err on side of caution, just don’t do it. Allow your host to initiate handshakes; you can greet Malay women (and other Muslim women) by bowing your head and placing your right hand over your heart.

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Avoid scheduling Friday meetings, as this may conflict with religious obligations. Punctuality is expected but may not be reciprocated. Conversation may include digressions and/or personal stories; accept it as the Malaysian way of doing business.

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Business cards

Use both hands or the right hand supported by the left to exchange cards. Read the entire card before putting it away. Your own cards should have either a Chinese or Malay translation on the back depending on who you are giving them to. Bonus points if the Chinese is printed in gold.

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Faux pas

Always defer to figures of authority. Always be respectful, polite and culturally sensitive. Don’t display impatience or aggression, and avoid self-aggrandisement. Don’t wear yellow, the colour of royalty. Don’t joke about pork.

Desmond So is founder of the East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette 

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