Mysteries of Asia: Gunung Padang, Indonesia

Asia's largest stone monument was a) built by an ancient, advanced civilisation, b) built by aliens, c) is just a natural mountain. What do you think?

Columns of ancient lava rock are arranged in a deliberate manner over Gunung Padang, a tiered mountain that features Southeast Asia’s largest monument made of stone. But it’s what lies beneath the grassy surface that really has researchers fired up. Some believe the entire mountain, located in West Java, is manmade, with dating techniques indicating the innermost part to be an astounding 20,000 years old. This would make it the world’s oldest known pyramid by far, built by an incredibly advanced prehistoric civilisation. Sceptics, however, don’t buy it, arguing there’s no other sign of this civilisation nearby. Here are the theories to decide for yourself:

1.   It’s a pyramid tomb built 20,000 years ago by a lost civilisation with sophisticated technology, possibly the fabled Atlantis.

2.   Atlantis? That’s crazy. It’s a 20,000-year-old pyramid built by aliens.

3.   It’s just a mountain with structures built on top by people who lived a few thousand years ago.   

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