Where to Shop in Chengdu, China

The West Village Basis Yard is a bamboo-filled square with some of Chengdu's most unique shops. Words and photos by Li Haoyu

Located in Qingyang district, West Village Basis Yard is a square-shaped complex rising seven storeys, home to shops, offices and arts groups. In its centre are sportsgrounds and relaxing public spaces including bamboo-filled courtyards, while elevated walkways connect the complex’s various sections. It’s a modernist structure that feels down to earth, with enough to explore for numerous repeat visits.

Zao Wu Quan

Shop 211-3, Floor 4

Take a workshop at this huge studio and make handicrafts out of wood, clay, leather or metal.

Du Huo

Shop 021, Floor B1

Apart from books, this bookshop offers various gift products, and hosts seminars and performances.

Sao Xue Zhu Cha

Shop 067, Floor B1

Try the craft tea drinks at this Chengdu chain with a relaxing atmosphere.

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