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The Most Unique Asian Pizza Toppings

Pizza is everywhere in Asia – but wherever it goes, this Italian classic has taken on a local twist. Here are some of the most unique Asian pizza toppings to be found across the region

Pizzas from Italy have long been popular across Asia, and the past few years have witnessed creative versions developed in response to local tastes and regional products. Here we choose a few unique creations from across the region.

Mapo Tofu Pizza

Where to Find It: Ai Pizza Song, Shanghai

What Makes It Unique: Mapo tofu, spring onion, mozzarella

Boba Pizza

Where to Find It: Foodie Star, Chiayi

What Makes It Unique: Brown sugar boba, mozzarella

Bak Gwei

Where to Find It: Alvy’s, Hong Kong

What Makes It Unique: Char siu, ginger-scallion sauce, gruyere béchamel

Cheese Tteokbokki Pizza

Where to Find It: Sulbing Café, Seoul

What Makes It Unique: Tteokbokki rice cakes, chilli sauce, cheese

Mala Hotpot Pizza

Where to Find It: Penghuo, Chengdu

What Makes It Unique: Musang King durian pizza, dipped into Sichuan mala

Durian King Pizza

Where to Find It: Pezzo Pizza, Singapore

What Makes It Unique: Charcoal dough, Musang King and D24 durian, mozzarella

Golden Stinky Tofu Pizza

Where to Find It: Pizza Hut, Taipei

What Makes It Unique: Stinky tofu, pickled cabbage, mozzarella, garlic sauce

Natto Pizza

Where to Find It: Cattolica, Tokyo

What Makes It Unique: Natto (fermented soybean), seaweed, raw egg, spring onion

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