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The first time Tamotsu Nakamura saw Tibet

Among his many trekking expeditions, Tomatsu Nakamura recalls the standout experience of reaching a Tibetan lookout point

I was always fascinated by unknown places. I first climbed peaks in South America, but it wasn’t until I moved to Hong Kong and travelled to China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces that mountaineering became my lifetime obsession.

It was seeing the Yulong Xueshan – or Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – for the first time that sparked my interest in Yunnan and eastern Tibet. These regions have an incredibly vast and complex topography that holds countless unclimbed summits. It deserves a lifetime’s search. The peaks are magnificent and fascinating, and many of them will remain enigmas for generations.

I’ve taken part in 37 expeditions over 25 years – but one particularly stands out. In 2009, I set off to explore four valleys in Tibet. It was unchartered territory for me. On the trek, we reached a lookout point at 4,070 metres which had the most magnificent view I have ever seen: Lake Jambo Tso, completely surrounded by stunning peaks. Some argue that scaling these unclimbed mountains is an experience of the past. It’s not. I’ve dedicated my life to them – and I’m not stopping yet.

Tamotsu Nakamura is an explorer.

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