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Asia’s Most Innovative City

The 2019 Marco Polo Club Members' Choice Award for Asia's most innovative city recognises the use of technology to promote smarter urban living and tackle environmental concerns

Asia’s Most Innovative City

Winner: Tokyo

As the 2020 Olympics approaches, Tokyo has big plans to improve an already high-tech city. Solar panels, robots, smart suburban towns and zero-emissions vehicles abound; autonomous vehicles and tech for traffic and pollution management will follow.

‘Japan has had a real resurgence on the world stage, with Tokyo leading the way. Smart technology and innovation are being embraced, transforming people’s lives while making travel to the region far more seamless.’ –Alison Gilmore, international business development professional and part of our panel of travel experts

Asia’s Most Innovative City Shortlist


Singapore is one of the world’s biggest adopters of e-vehicles, has plans to introduce driverless taxis and is developing new towns with autonomous vehicles in mind. It’s a tech hub and is investing heavily in smart city infrastructure.


Yangpu district in Shanghai has teamed up with Berlin-based blockchain start-up MXC Foundation to develop an IoT-based Smart City, improving sustainability, efficiency and accelerating economic development in the city.


Plans to electrify buses to run with zero emissions, an increase in electric car charging stations, climate smart hospitals and AI incorporated into public services – these are just a few of the ways Seoul has embraced technological innovation.


As the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen is a hub for tech companies and is developing its infrastructure and economy accordingly, with smart traffic solutions and a cashless economy among its innovative features.

Hong Kong

A blueprint is in place to transform Hong Kong into a world-class smart city, using innovation and technology to address urban challenges including transportation and more efficient living, and to enhance its attractiveness to global businesses.


One of China’s leading smart cities, the focus in Beijing is on reducing air pollution, easing urban crowding and traffic congestion and further developing a cashless society, all through the use of technology and innovative policy.


India’s Silicon Valley, this IT hub is an emerging cashless economy and is full of big ideas for a smarter future, having committed to the implementation of a Smart City project.

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