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Meet Hong Kong’s handwriting champion: Kaye Shu

Practising good penmanship can be one part of a more balanced, less hurried life, says the designer

Cathay Pacific inflight shopping magazine Discover the Shop supports local Hong Kong designers. This month, we talk to Development Director of Printer & Co., Kaye Shu, about her adventures in penmanship.

You developed a brush lettering set. Why do you love handwriting?  

Being at the desk and focusing on the way the pen interacts with the paper is very calming to me. The mind takes control of the hand, which holds onto the magic wand (the pen!) and creates fine lines and shapes that carry messages. It’s wonderful!

Handwriting is something personal. It’s especially treasured in this age of digital communication. Who doesn’t love to receive something handwritten in the mail, no matter how imperfect it is? Imagine the person you’ve written to opening their mailbox and finding a letter from you. It will be the best part of their day!

Kaye Shu handwriting

You also hold hand-lettering workshops. What’s that like?

Participants start off doubting whether they would be able to sit tight and write for two to three hours, yet they are always surprised by how quickly time passes. I am pleased to find that they enjoy the sessions, and find them relaxing too.

Parents are also very pleased that their children are eager to practice [writing] at home and spend time away from digital gadgets to hone a creative skill.

I meet students from all walks of life, from young children to retirees. The joy of knowing that I am able to inspire someone with what I know is invaluable.

Being a local Hong Kong designer, how do you think you can contribute to the city?

Having been in the corporate world for a long time, I took a leap of faith to jump into promoting slow living and advocating mindfulness. Most people in Hong Kong lead very busy lives. I believe in structuring your life around meaningful fulfilment, focusing on quality over quantity, leading a more balanced life, and pursuing a more holistic sense of wellbeing by paying attention to the present moment. 

I am glad that I am part of the mission to promote slow living in this busy city.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere and anywhere! Be it nature, or a bustling city, there are always stories behind everything. Your eyes and mind have to travel to instill fresh perspectives.


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