Health and wellness

Body, Soul: Wellness in Zhengzhou

Martial arts and mountains help to reboot the physical and mental

Body: Power moves

China Shaolin martial arts
Credit: VCG

When in Zhengzhou, you’ll probably want to visit Shaolin Temple’s halls, yards and stunning Pagoda Forest. But go a step further and learn kung fu from monks on the temple grounds. CK Martial Hearts offers the Warrior’s Way Bootcamp for nine days of intense Shaolin tongbiquan form. Expect to be pushed way past your limits of physical fitness, mental fortitude and self-discipline.

Soul: Sacred solitude

China mountain
Credit: Karl Johaentges / LOOK-foto / Getty Images

One of China’s five sacred Taoist mountains, Mount Song is made up of numerous trails and bridges leading to lookouts, where you’ll find misty views of soaring, rocky pinnacles that fade into the distance. Winter is less crowded, making it the ideal time to soak up the power of roaring waterfalls, the pure silence of sheltered nooks and the visual calm of greenery against grey granite. You’ll also find solace in the mountain’s temples.

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