Health and wellness

Body, Soul: Silence and stress relief in Ubud

Where to disconnect and re-energise in Bali

Body: On point and good to go

If you’ve fallen in love with the feel-good energy and stress relief that Balinese massage brings, then head to Rahasia Nyaman Institute of Healing Arts to learn its methods. Choose between a one-day introductory course and a four-day course to learn acupressure, deep tissue techniques, aromatherapy, gentle stretches and more. With an hour’s massage choreography in the bag you’ll earn some serious kudos back home. 

Body and Soul- Massage

Soul: Seek silence and digital disconnection

A five-day silent meditation retreat might be just the antidote to our noisy, digital, over-stimulated lifestyles. The quietness is challenging at first, but it soon becomes a comforting, non-judgemental witness to your inner reflections. You could find personal transformation and, dare we say, even your life’s purpose. Blooming Lotus Retreat holds two silent meditation retreats a year, in which participants practise meditation, pranayama (breathing), yoga asana classes, yoga nidra (psychic sleep) and dharma talks. 

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