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What to Watch Onboard Right Now

Flying in July 2019? With more than 250 films and 500 TV episodes on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights, it’s hard to know what to watch first

Our entertainment editor Amanda Sheppard selects the month’s best inflight entertainment – and shares related video clips that might pique your interest.

1) Peterloo: the 19th century struggle for suffrage

Nicknamed the Peterloo massacre, the events that unfolded at St Peter’s Field in Manchester saw the effects of the French Revolution trickle into Britain. After the successes of his last period film, Mr Turner, director Mike Leigh’s latest film pays homage to this much forgotten, tragic moment in history. Below, the cast and crew discuss the importance of retelling such events:

2) Fleabag: preying on the priest

Everyone’s favourite, sharp-tongued Londoner returns for a second and final season. And despite a blossoming friendship with a priest, Fleabag fails to find her guiding light. These are the moments Fleabag’s newest cast member stole the spotlight:

3) Fyre Fraud: all that glitters isn’t gold

Hulu’s documentary on the hoax that hit wealthy trust-fund millennials hard looks at the intricate web of lies and deception weaved by founder Billy McFarland about his exclusive music festival set on a paradisiacal Bahamian island. Watch the trailer for a behind-the-scenes look at the festival that never was:

4) The Longest Hole: par for the course

Former Hong Kong rugby player Adam Rolston and friend Ron Rutland embark on a world record-setting adventure, encompassing 14,000 shots, 400 golf balls and 2,000-kilometres of varied terrain across the breadth of Mongolia. Watch the trailer for a glimpse of the mammoth journey that lay ahead for the pair:

5) Police Story: Jackie Chan on making a smash hit on a shoestring

Hailed as one of Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan’s best films, Police Story follows Chan as a policeman on a mission to protect a triad member’s former girlfriend turned informant. In this clip, Chan discusses how the film’s stunning action scenes were made on a shoestring budget:

6) Us: Lupita Nyong’o on finding her voice

In Jordan Peele’s second film, the Wilson family’s attempts to flee from their murdering doppelgangers. In this clip, Lupita Nyong’o shares the inspiration behind the chilling voice she adopts for her terrifying, tethered character, Red:

7) Alita: Battle Angel: a human touch

Director and producer James Cameron’s latest film follows on from the successes of Avatar, this time creating a photo-realistic cyborg for Alita: Battle Angel. Hear producer Cameron, cast and crew members discuss the technicalities involved in engineering Alita:

8) The Lion King: coming full circle

Few films are as universally cherished as Disney’s 1994 classic The Lion King. The team behind the soon-to-be-released 2019 live-action remake pays tribute to the original in more ways than one, with several scenes recreated shot for shot. Watch the trailers play out side-by-side in the clip below:

9) Shadow: hiding in plain sight

Set in the turbulent Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history, Zhang Yimou’s latest wuxia offering chronicles the struggles of commander Yu and his ‘shadow’ – doppelganger Ying – and their fight to reclaim territory for the Kingdom of Pei. Watch the trailer here:

10) Her Smell: tuning in to the sound of the future

Her Smell follows ’90s rocker Becky Something’s downward spiral after the breakup of her band. Bent on bandwagoning on the success of the next generation of musicians, she aligns herself with up-and-comers, The Akergirls (played by Cara Delevingne, Ashley Benson and Dylan Gelula). Watch the music video for the band’s single, Can’t Wait, here:

What’s next for inflight entertainment?

Look out for Avengers: Endgame, The White Crow, Shazam!, Tolkien, The Wandering Earth and more coming soon.

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