Inflight entertainment

What to watch onboard right now

Flying in February 2019? With more than 140 movies and 500 hours of TV onboard Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights, it's hard to know what to watch first

Our entertainment editor Kevin Ma selects the month’s best onboard programming – and shares related video clips that might pique your interest.

1) Bohemian Rhapsody: comparing the two Live Aid shows

The climax of Bohemian Rhapsody – a biopic about Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury – recreates much of the 1985 Live Aid show, including a rousing rendition of We Will Rock You. See a side-by-side comparison between the real thing and the movie scene.

2) A Simple Favor: Anna Kendrick reprises her rapping skills

In this dark comedy about a vlogger investigating her friend’s disappearance, actor Anna Kendrick raps an entire verse of MOP’s Ante Up. Here, she does it again as a favour for Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show.

3) The Travelling Cat Chronicles: Meet Nana the Cat

Based on a popular novel, The Travelling Cat Chronicles follows a man as he road trips across Japan to find a new owner for his dear cat, Nana. Meet the adorable feline star in this trailer.

4) Can You Ever Forgive Me: Melissa McCarthy on her Oscar-nominated role

Better known for her comedic roles, actor Melissa McCarthy has earned her first Oscar nomination for Can You Forgive Me?, a drama about notorious forger Lee Israel. On The Daily Show, McCarthy talks about playing an unlikeable character.

5) Johnny English Strikes Again: Rowan Atkinson turns back the clock

British comedy legend Rowan Atkinson is back this month with Johnny English Strikes Again. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Atkinson revisits an old comedy bit he performed during his time at Oxford University.

6) Project Gutenberg: Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok are back in a new thriller

Hong Kong superstars Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok play a pair of brilliant counterfeiters in Project Gutenberg, the hit crime thriller by the screenwriter of Infernal Affairs. Watch a trailer for the film here.

7) Kidding: A look at the making of episode three

Jim Carrey stars in the new Showtime series Kidding about the difficult family life of a beloved kid’s television host. One of the most amazing sequences is a two-minute long take in episode three chronicling a woman’s adult life. See how the shot was created with practical effects and deft coordination in this video.

8) Strangers: The cast and crew talk about filming in Hong Kong

Set entirely in Hong Kong, TV series Strangers follows a Briton who travels to the city to investigate the circumstances surrouding his wife’s death. The cast and crew talks about filming in the city at a Q&A for the British Film Institute.

9) The Return of Superman: Seungjae takes a trip to Taiwan

In this month’s episode of South Korean reality show The Return of Superman, Seungjae and his father take a trip to Taiwan to visit actor Jasper Liu. See a clip below (click the closed captioning icon to see English subtitles).

10) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: preview the Disney fantasy hit

A young woman enters a fantastic world to retrieve a very important key and combat Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren) in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. See a trailer for Disney’s latest grand adventure here.

What’s next for inflight entertainment?

Look out for A Star is Born, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Green Book, Hong Kong drama Tracey, Ralph Breaks the Internet, South Korean series Encounter and more coming soon.