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The best onboard movies over the coming months. By KEVIN MA

Spanish actor Raúl Arévalo opens his directorial debut, The Fury of a Patient Man (Tarde para la Ira), with a bravura two-minute shot set inside a car: after a botched robbery, a getaway driver careens down the streets of Madrid until the car flips upside down in a violent crash. It’s a breathtaking scene that loudly proclaims the arrival of a new talent.

Arévalo proves that he’s not just a one-take wonder with the rest of this twisty thriller, which won four Goya Awards (the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars), including Best Film and Best New Director.

After the shocking opening, we jump forward eight years as we meet José (Antonio de la Torre), a mysterious, softly spoken man who becomes a frequent visitor to a café run by Ana (Ruth Díaz). A gritty romance drama unfolds as we follow José’s attempt to court Ana, whose boyfriend Curro (Luis Callejo) is about to be released after eight years in prison. However, the story takes a whole new direction when we realise that Curro was the getaway driver in the opening and that José has been waiting for him all along.

Despite being a first-time director, Arévalo displays an assured hand as both director and co-writer. He tells his story in an economical 92 minutes without sacrificing emotion and character. The film is tense and coldly violent at times but, like the best revenge films, it never uses the act of vengeance for cheap thrills.

The Fury of a Patient Man is an exhilarating genre film, but it’s made with such care and precision that it turns brutality into a work of art. It has a killer concept that is ripe for a Hollywood remake – but there’s no need to replicate something that’s already near perfect.

Inflight Therapy

Need to watch something to get you through your journey? Check how you’re feeling from our handy list of entertainment-related symptoms

Restless Traveller Sydrome

Fidgety? Can’t concentrate? You need to get engrossed in something. Try these.

Chinese literary superstar Han Han returns to the director’s chair in hilarious time-travel comedy Duckweed (movies – Chinese cinema). South Korean heartthrob Hyun Bin plays a no-nonsense North Korean detective in action comedy Confidential Assignment (movies – Asian cinema). Comedian Charlie Day faces off against Ice Cube in Fist Fight (movies – Western cinema). Keanu Reeves is back as the assassin who can’t stay retired in John Wick: Chapter 2 (movies – Western cinema) (above).

Altitude-Adjusted Lachrymosity Syndrome

It’s a physiological fact – we get weepy at 35,000 feet. Why fight it?

A Dog's Purpose

Three undocumented teenagers fight to stay in the country they call home in social drama From Nowhere (movies – Western cinema). Dog lovers shouldn’t miss heartfelt pet drama A Dog’s Purpose (movies – Western cinema) (above). Watch a Kazakh teenager’s journey to succeed against the odds in feel-good documentary The Eagle Huntress (TV – documentary). Judi Dench stars in a true-life story about a woman’s search for her long-lost son in Oscar-nominated drama Philomena (movies – Western classics).

Pointy-Headed Syndrome

You’re not feeling very mainstream today. Time to get arty. Experiment a little.

Fire at Sea

Matthew McConaughey journeys into the Indonesian jungle in search of his fortune in Gold (movies – Western cinema). Director Gianfranco Rosi turns his lens on Europe’s refugee crisis in Oscar-nominated documentary Fuocoammare (Fire at Sea) (TV – documentary) (above). François Cluzet is caught up in a French political conspiracy in thriller La Mécanique de L’ombre (Eavesdropper) (3) (movies – arthouse). Dev Patel stars as a maths genius in The Man Who Knew Infinity (movies – Western cinema).

Fear of Missing Out

Everyone’s talking about this movie or TV show. What do you mean you’ve not seen it?

See Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for the final time in Logan (movies – Western cinema) (above). Matt Damon teams up with China’s biggest stars in fantasy epic The Great Wall (movies – Western cinema). Action superstar Jackie Chan leads a band of rebels in Railroad Tigers (movies – Chinese cinema), while Batman must once again save Gotham – this time through the medium of plastic bricks – in The LEGO Batman Movie (movies – Western cinema).


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