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What to Watch Onboard Right Now

Flying in August 2019? With more than 300 films and 500 TV episodes on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights, it’s hard to know what to watch first

Our entertainment editor Amanda Sheppard selects the month’s best inflight entertainment – and shares related video clips that might pique your interest.

1) Burning: a slow-burning thriller, in more ways than one

A classic tale of boy-meets-girl takes a wayward turn when Haemi returns home from Africa with a new boyfriend in tow, and no one is as they first appeared. Watch the tension unfold in the trailer for the South Korean thriller:

2) Casablanca: of all the lines, in all the movies in all the world

Despite being one of the most quoted lines in classic cinema, the line, ‘Play it again, Sam,’ is never actually spoken in Casablanca. See for yourself, in a clip where Rick (Humphrey Bogart) demands to hear As Time Goes By, here:

3) The Shining: the making of a madman

Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror shook cinemagoers to their very core with its haunting ghosts and even more terrifying living, breathing characters. Watch Jack Nicholson step into character as the writer-turned-hotel caretaker Jack Torrance, moments before the cameras begin rolling:

4) The White Crow: Oleg Ivenko perfects method acting

In his first acting role, dancer Oleg Ivenko assumed the intensely physical challenge of portraying one of ballet’s most notable performers, Rudolf Nureyev. Watch how he channels the Russian dancer in mind and body in this clip:

5) Game of Thrones: The Last Watch: the cast reacts to the final reveal

The Game of Thrones series finale bore heated discussions not just among fans, but also cast and crew. Watch this clip from the final table read, where Kit Harington (who plays Jon Snow) and the rest of the cast learns the fate of key characters for the first time:

6) The Best of Enemies: the truth behind an unlikely friendship

Based on the real relationship that formed between civil rights activist Ann Atwater and Klansman CP Ellis, The Best of Enemies sees the unlikely duo come together to debate racial segregation in schools. Learn more about the real life pair in this clip:

7) Stockholm: an origin story

The incredible (but barely credible) story of a bank heist in Stockholm in 1973 saw hostage Kristin Enmark side with her captor and attempt to aid his escape. Watch the series of improbable circumstances which led criminologists to coin the term ‘Stockholm syndrome’ manifest in the film’s trailer:

8) The Wandering Earth: plan B for planet Earth

China’s blockbuster sci-fi hit The Wandering Earth is set in a world threatened by a rapidly approaching (and expanding) sun. Earth’s only hope lies in a bonkers plan to propel the planet to another solar system to secure a new lease of life. Watch the trailer here:

9) Line of Duty: investigating inside the line of fire

Famed for its intense interrogation scenes and cliff-hanging season finales, few shows build suspense like British police procedural Line of Duty. Before you binge all five seasons onboard, watch one of the early interrogation scenes, with Detective Inspector Denton in the firing line:

10) Shazam!: Zachary Levi on the hero within us all

DC’s latest superhero offering follows teenager Billy Batson’s transformation into the superhero Shazam. On late night television, star Zachary Levi shows host James Corden that there’s a superhero to be found in (almost) every one of us:

What’s next for inflight entertainment?

Look out for Aladdin, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Rocketman, John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, Aruna & Her Palate and more coming soon.

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