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Spirituality and physics in Fukuoka

Watersports combine with temple visits in Fukuoka

Soul: On the rocks

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It’s easy to feel spiritually lifted at Komyozen-ji Temple in Dazaifu, a heritage- and nature-filled town just outside Fukuoka city. Blanketed in shades of green in spring, pink during cherry blossom season and yellows and reds in autumn, the Zen Buddhist complex features beautiful rock gardens, one of which is landscaped to form the Japanese word for ‘light’. It’s a peaceful place to escape the city, go for a stroll and sit in quiet contemplation.

Body: In high gear

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Then you can go flyboarding on Nokonoshima, an island just off the Fukuoka mainland. The watersport involves a jetpack attached to your feet to propel you high into the air above the ocean. There’s a feeling of momentary weightlessness before you dive back into the turquoise waters. Soon you’ll be learning to do flips and spins, skills that challenge your coordination, strength and endurance. Back on the sandy shores you’ll feel the endorphins flood your body and mind for a serene sense of calm. The activity’s only downside is how addictive it is.

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