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Meet the winners of our Danny Liu print

Travel and art combined to give five lucky people an inspirational work of art, courtesy Silkroad magazine and an acclaimed Hong Kong painter

A few months ago we asked acclaimed Hong Kong artist Danny Liu to create an exclusive painting for the cover of the June 2017 issue of Silkroad magazine. You can see him in action in the video below.

We also ran a competition, giving away special prints of the painting he created to five lucky winners.

Those people have now received their copies of the prize and we caught up with them to find out what inspired them to enter the competition.

Jim Chiu

I was deeply amazed by the use of vivid colours as opposed to the traditional black and white colour tone. I read Silkroad magazine on my way back from Chongqing, and the cover caught my eye. The scenery also reminds me of Chongqing – a mountainous terrain full of history and culture. It’s a privilege to preserve this memory through the form of an ink painting.

Paula Tomsett

This print will have a very special place in my small collection of art and prints collected since I have been living in Taiwan as a reminder of many past visits to China.

At 20 years of age the television series The Silk Road inspired me to go to China. It was not possible for 24 years, when on a Cathay Dragon flight from Hong Kong I went with no preconceptions, only an excitement about seeing some of the places I had dreamt about. The highlight for me was walking on the Great Wall and it was that memory that inspired me to enter the Danny Liu print competition.

Janice Lin

Danny Liu is such a great teacher in Chinese ink painting. Not only does he inspire me with his ink paintings but also with his way of living. You can imagine how honoured I feel to own a piece of his wonderful work.

Recently I went to Yakushima and Kirishima, for the forest walks through thousand-year-old trees, mountains in foggy and rainy weather and the special volcano landscape. Whenever the scenery appeared in front of me, a Chinese ink painting came to mind.

Holly Tse

Danny Liu’s creation itself is very inspirational. It is a visualisation of how we go beyond the wall, whether in the aspects of time, creativity, or art. The insights gained are transferable to life.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Blue Moon Valley near Lijiang are two of my most inspirational places to travel. I love the variant and beautiful natural scenes. Just like Charles Dickens said, “Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own.”

Cary Au Yeung

This lucky win is the best birthday present for me! I have been learning Chinese ink painting for four years inspired by talented artists. Thus this masterpiece is definitely a collection for myself.

When I was hiking up to Paro Taktsang in the Paro Valley in Bhutan, I was impressed with the tranquil living environment, the friendliness of locals and the amazing building 3,200 metres above sea level.


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