Pavan Shamdasani

Pavan is a travel writer based in Ho Chi Minh City. What’s one change you’d like to see among travellers? ‘To put away their phones. The photo-taking obsession has led to crowded “Instagrammable” spots, humble bragging and boorish tourists. That said, I couldn’t live without Google Maps.’

  • Urban life

    Ho Chi Minh City Beyond District 1

    As Ho Chi Minh City expands, travellers are venturing farther from District 1 and uncovering charms like low-rise architecture and a neighbourhood with Cantonese cultural influences

  • Urban life

    Ho Chi Minh City: Centre of Energy

    For all great cities, there was that moment of relentless growth and fast change – and the future looked blindingly bright. That’s where Ho Chi Minh City is now, as it develops its startup scene and modernises amid a rich cultural heritage